Container of Cosequin Standard Strength

Cosequin® Standard Strength

  • #1 Veterinarian recommended retail joint health supplement brand
  • Tasty formula to help keep healthy dogs active

What is Cosequin® Standard Strength for Dogs?

Cosequin Standard Strength contains Glucosamine Hydrochloride and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) in a bottle of 75 tasty chewable tablets. Glucosamine and MSM work to support your pet's joints and help to keep them active.

Cosequin Standard Strength

Cosequin® chewable tablets can be given all at once or divided throughout the day. The number of tablets can be increased at any time depending on your pet’s needs.

Weight Daily Level
15 lbs and under 1/2 chewable tablet
16-30 lbs 1 chewable tablet
31-60 lbs 2 chewable tablets
61-100 lbs 3 chewable tablets
Each Tablet Contains:
Glucosamine Hydrochloride
(Derived from shellfish)
500 mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 500 mg

Quincy Runs on Cosequin!

I just want to thank Cosequin for all the extra years I have with my Quincy. He is a Lab and German Shepherd mix, who I started on Cosequin when he was 13, and starting to have bad hips. He is now 18, and still will run in the yard with the other dogs (slowly he's old). Thank you!!! I've started my lab on it as well, she is 12. Worth every penny!!

Winston is Wonderful!

My yellow lab, Winston, turned 10 in March. He's still in great shape, but at 108 lbs, he was starting to slow down a little. After a 20 min walk, he'd take a nap, and then was not as comfortable for the next few hours. He even started sleeping downstairs so he didn't have to walk upstairs.

After seeing the Cosequin commercials, I figured we had nothing to lose. I can't believe it, but soon after starting Cosequin, he had more energy and just seemed generally happier. Now he runs around like a puppy again. I'm looking forward to many more years with my best friend!

Winston is Wonderful!

Cosequin really makes a difference!

I have two large dogs, one a lab/chow mix and another Lab/Rottweiler mix, ages 12 and 10 years. A few months ago I noticed both dogs could use help with the stairs to the back yard and with their mobility in general. After trying another brand and seeing no difference, I saw the commercial with Jack Hanna talking about Cosequin, so I decided to purchase a bottle and give it a try. What a huge difference it has made for them both! I witnessed an amazing turnaround within six weeks. Initially, I started off with two tablets each day for the first four weeks and after seeing some improvement, I tapered it off to one tablet a day. I have been singing the praises of Cosequin since because there has been a dramatic difference in them. They are able to go up and down stairs easily and are now bouncing around wanting to play! It truly is amazing! I have been telling everyone and anyone about the dramatic difference Cosequin has made for my dogs.

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