Carton of Cosequin Maximum Strength Plus MSM

Cosequin® Maximum Strength Plus MSM Chewable Tablets

  • #1 Veterinarian recommended retail joint health supplement brand
  • Available in chewable tablets
  • Tasty formula to help keep healthy dogs active
  • Cosequin brand joint health supplement is shown to be safe, effective, and bioavailable in peer-reviewed, published, controlled U.S. veterinary studies
  • Available in multiple count sizes


What is Cosequin® DS Maximum Strength Plus MSM?

Cosequin DS Maximum Strength Plus MSM contains FCHG49® Glucosamine Hydrochloride, TRH122® Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). This combination of ingredients helps to protect your dog's joints and support healthy cartilage matrix production. Cosequin DS Maximum Strength Plus MSM comes in bottles of 60, 132, and 180 tasty chewable tablets. Use Cosequin to support mobility for a healthy lifestyle in your pet!

Cosequin DS Maximum Strength Plus MSM Chewable Tablets

The recommended initial administration period is four to six weeks; however, some dogs may respond sooner. The number of chewable tablets may then be reduced to the maintenance level.

Number of Tablets
Initial 4-6 Week Administration Period
Maintenance Level
Up to 15 lbs
1/2 daily
1/2 every other day
16-30 lbs
1 daily
1/2 daily
31-60 lbs
2 daily
1 daily
Over 60 lbs
3 daily
1-2 daily

Once consistent response has been seen, these maintenance levels may be reduced to every other day. The maintenance level can also be used long-term on healthy dogs to help support their joints.

Each Tablet Contains:
Glucosamine Hydrochloride
(Derived from shellfish)
600 mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate
(Derived from bovine cartilage)
300 mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 250 mg
Manganese (Manganese Ascorbate) 3 mg

Cosequin® contains FCHG49® Glucosamine and TRH122® Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, proprietary veterinary researched specifications.
Reported on a hydrous basis.

Ginger is Going Great!

Our Golden Retriever Ginger is 10 going on 11. Just in the last few weeks she has had more trouble getting up off the floor. We had heard about Cosequin, so we ordered the chewable tablets. As soon as they came, we started them. She weighs close to 80 pounds. We are giving her one tablet 3 times a day before her walk. We are so impressed with how quickly it seemed to help her. We are now firm believers in Cosequin!

Cheyenne Loves Cosequin!

Our girl Cheyenne is a mixed breed about 8 years old. She had been having problems walking, getting up after lying down, and with just about any movement. We decided to try your Cosequin Maximum Strength chewable tablets, which she loves. She is now moving better, and actually has started to play again. Your product has made a world of difference. It is worth every penny. This product works.

Seeing the Difference in my Doberman

My red Doberman has been on Cosequin about 2 years now. He is a big boy at 98 lbs. and has long legs. I can see the difference in him getting up and lying down. It works.

Grateful for Cosequin

I am so glad that I found this product for my two Collies. They are going to be 9 years old and they still run around the backyard like they did in their younger days. I wish I had found it sooner for my German Shepherd; it would have made his life better I believe. Thank you, Cosequin.


Cosequin Has Helped Lizzie

Our 13 year old, chocolate lab collie mix Lizzie recently started to have trouble going up the stairs and getting up after lying down for a while. We started her on Cosequin and now she gets up more easily, seems to be happier and is more playful! Thanks to the makers of Cosequin for making a great product that can help our dog still be a puppy in her senior years!


Happy Suzy Loves Cosequin

My 10 year old cockapoo was unable to jump up on the couch and bed, go for walks and was having trouble with steps. We picked her up to get her in bed at night. She didn't even jump on my granddaughters for playtime. I started her on Cosequin in August and soon she was her old self again. My husband and I were amazed and so happy. Even my neighbors noticed the change. Suzy was happier. I put a tablet in her evening food and there was never a problem. This is an amazing product and I wanted you to know. Thanks Cosequin!

Marble is on the Mend!

I adopted my malamute mix named Marble four years ago. The shelter said he was a senior so I knew he was older than 5 years old. He is 90lbs so taking care of his hips and joints is immensely important to me. I decided to use Cosequin maximum strength. He has been on it for a month now and I am very pleased with how he's responding. I can tell he is more confident sitting and laying down, and his shaking is barely noticeable. I work at a pet store that sells Cosequin and it is now the number one product I recommend to pet parents whether it is for low level maintenance or advanced cases such as mine. I want everyone to experience the benefits of Cosequin. Thank you guys, I just had to let you all know what you've done for my Marble.

Charlie is Back on the Chase!

Our 12 year old dappled dachshund was really showing his age. He wouldn't go up or down steps. He didn't want to play with his toys or chase squirrels when we took him to our camp. I started giving him Cosequin DS with MSM after seeing the Jack Hanna commercial. Oh my goodness, what a difference. He's like a puppy again. This weekend, up at camp, he chased squirrels and chipmunks for hours. He runs up and down our steps. It's so good to have our active Charlie back.

Oh what a difference in Boo!

Boo is our rescue Border Collie mix. When she was just over a year old last spring, she began having hip problems to the point where she would play with her brother for 5-10 minutes and have to lay down. Upon getting up, she would pull herself up with her front legs and you could see a difference in her gait. The recommendation from our vet was weight loss and Cosequin DS with MSM. The picture attached is from last October, roughly six months later. You would never guess this is the same dog. She ran all day in the surf chasing seagulls and outplayed her brother until he was exhausted. She jumps three feet into the air to look over our wood fence at the dogs next door. The Cosequin has literally transformed Boo and I have recommended it to anyone who mentions that their dog has hip issues. Thank you!

Oh what a difference in Boo!

Cosequin DS changes lives!

Dear Cosequin,

My dog has not been comfortable in his joints. He was hunched over and I thought for a while I would have to put him to sleep. He is after all, 13 years old this year.

He has been taking daily Cosequin DS for a whole year, and wow! What a change! He no longer just wants to sleep, he's full of so much energy he wears me out. He's a farm dog, and he's out chasing coyotes like a whirlwind. Half the time I swear he thinks he's Superman!

He has more energy now, than when he was a puppy!

It took a while for him to get this far, but the last years of his life are more comfortable and enjoyable thanks to your great product. Don't change a thing!

From my Didjeridu to your heart I hope this letter has let you know how much we appreciate your product.

Leigh and Didjeridu too (ACD/Husky mix)

Cosequin DS changes lives!

Kane is Able!!!

Kane had a rough first few years. I got him about 3 years ago, and he is now 8. Last year he was having problems on our walks. I bought Kane Cosequin DS and he is showing signs of improvement. Now we go on our walks again and he loves to go for rides in the van.

Kane is Able!!!

9 Year Old Biewer Named Max

My beloved, tiny, 9 year old Biewer, Max was uncomfortable in both knees. I did a little research and decided to try Cosequin DS. Now, 2 months later he is running around like he did when he was 1 year old! Your product is fabulous! We had moved 6 months ago from a ranch home to 2 story home and Max would occasionally come down the stairs but could only go up 2 or 3 steps before giving up. It was very sad because he usually followed me everywhere. Now he is back under my feet constantly no matter how many times I go up and down the stairs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Fiona is Running and Playful Again!

I have a Labradoodle that was adopted from a shelter as a puppy. She has always had problems with one of her back legs, and by the time she was only 3 years old she was really having trouble standing up, going up stairs, or doing pretty much anything that put the slightest pressure on it. The vet suggested an expensive surgery that did not have a good success rate, or else amputation. As you can imagine, this was very stressful and there were no good answers. Fiona would have her good days where our hopes were up, but these were always followed by a bad run that was horrible to watch. A couple of years ago, I saw your Cosequin DS Plus at Costco and bought a bottle. To say I was skeptical was an understatement, but soon Fiona was visibly better... she felt so good she would just run around the back yard and wanted to play with her toys again. We've continued to give her the Cosequin and increase it when needed(usually because of cold weather). It has ALWAYS helped. I cannot begin to explain the relief and joy your Cosequin has brought to our family! And the cost is so reasonable. Thank you so much for your product!

Our Ten-Year-Old Lab Running Once More!

We had been giving our ten year old lab another brand of Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate for a year, but she really didn't get any better. We were running low and I was at BJs and picked up a bottle of your Cosequin®DS. We've been using it for less than a month and already she's back to running and skipping around like she used to. It's an amazing change. We've been able to get back to taking her for walks, which she loves, and her overall fitness level has improved. We will use your product forever now.

Our Dog Loves His Cosequin®!

Our dog is large - a Great Dane, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Boxer mix. He turned 14 years old yesterday. For the past 1½ years, he's been slowing down and has been reluctant to jump up on my bed. He hasn't been playful and seemed pretty sad, which made us sad. I started giving him Cosequin DS Plus MSM, and I have decided that it is like precious gold in a bottle! He’s wagging his tail, frisky, rough-housing, and jumping up on the bed again without help! He loves these even more than his good quality bones! “Amazed” is not adequate to describe how we feel about this outstanding product. He will never be without it as long as he lives. Typically I’m quite the critic, but I cannot say enough good things about this high quality fantastic product. It has given our dog, which we love so very much, his life back. He asks for the Cosequin DS Plus MSM all the time! Thank you so much for making such a high quality product! We are lifetime believers now!
From Tammy

Maddy is on the Move!

I am a proud owner of a female golden retriever who unfortunately has some hip difficulties. Maddy was hesitant to jump onto the bed and the porch. I started giving her Cosequin®DS Plus MSM, and she was soon getting back up on her favorite spots again. I hope this continues for the rest of her life. I highly recommend this product! I have tried other joint supplements previously with some minor improvements, but nothing like this.
Richard from King of Prussia, PA

All my Pets are Happy and Healthy!

Knowing the various benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, all of my pets (both dogs and cats alike) are on Welactin, which is one of the best sources for EPA and DHA for animals. When my miniature pinscher's joints began "snapping" during agility training, we started her on Cosequin DS and now her joints are healthy (and quiet) again. Now all of them are on Cosequin, including the cats, who often silently experience reduced joint health in their senior years. I've also had success with Denamarin in two dogs in the past. I trust and advocate Nutramax products.

All my Pets are Happy and Healthy!

Grateful for Cosequin

I wanted to write to tell you your product is amazing and really works!! We have a Labrador who around the age of 8 years started to slow down. He seemed to be very cautious to walk stairs, run, climb and swim. I started Cosequin about 2 years ago and have noticed a difference. He is back to his puppy days, running, jumping and playing. He is now 10 and is back to running with me 2 times a week up to 3 miles at a time!! Thank you so much for making a product that really works! We are so grateful.

Grateful for Cosequin

Tuffy is Tougher with Cosequin!

My Shar Pei/Lab mix Tuffy is a wonderful and very active dog! He was 7-1/2 when I noticed he was slowing down. I started giving him Cosequin (1 tab daily in the morning) and he is like a puppy again! Now, he is back to his old self sprinting around the backyard chasing squirrels and doing perimeter checks. I keep his Cosequin in my kitchen cabinet and every morning when I wake, Tuffy is there waiting for his Cosequin tablet-he thinks it's a treat! Thank you, Cosequin! We are so happy Tuff has the pep back in his step!

Tuffy is Tougher with Cosequin!

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