How do I know my cat may need a Joint Health Supplement?


Observed changes in your cat may include:

  • Less active
  • Limping or stiffness
  • A reluctance to jump
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Why a Joint Health Supplement?

What is Joint Cartilage?

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Cartilage is a slippery and resilient tissue produced and maintained by its own specialized cells. It cushions the surfaces where two or more bones meet to form a flexible joint. When a cat is in motion there is tremendous pressure on the joint. Cartilage, joint fluid, and underlying bone work together like a shock absorber allowing flexible joint function.

Because cartilage lacks a direct blood supply, nutrients must pass into the cartilage from surrounding tissue. These nutrients sustain cartilage cells and provide the components necessary to maintain a healthy cartilage structure. Scientists are not sure about all the factors that cause cartilage breakdown; however, they have discovered enzymes that play a role in the process.

The ingredients in Cosequin® work together to help support and protect the cartilage.


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